Frequently Asked Questions

1How does my remodeling project get started?
The first step of your remodeling project is meeting with David, owner and expert estimator. He’ll come to your home to take preliminary measurements and discuss what ideas you have in mind for your space. Don has over 10 years of industry experience and is happy to answer any questions you have, share cost-effective ways to achieve what you want, and offer layout recommendations to make the most of your space.
2What should I do before meeting with the project estimator?
Before meeting with David, have an idea of what you’d like to update in your space. This will help us provide an accurate quote, whether you just want to replace your tub or vanity or completely redesign the space to best fit your needs. And we invite you to come with questions, too. After meeting with David and discussing goals, we will be better equipped to answer your questions about products, the quote, and construction work. Being transparent is one of the most important parts of our service.
3What should I do to prepare for a meeting with a designer to go through the selection process?
Have an idea of what color scheme or style you like and send examples ahead of time, if possible. This will streamline the process and give us an opportunity to pull samples that fit your vision and your budget before you arrive. We know the selection process can be overwhelming, so we recommend creating a HOUZZ ideabook or Pinterest board, or clipping pictures out of magazines to share with us. It will give us a better idea of what you’re looking to achieve with your space.
4What is done with debris from the demo and how do you keep things tidy?
All debris from the demo and throughout the project is taken back to our warehouse to be recycled or otherwise properly disposed of. Throughout your project, our team members will protect your home with drop cloths, covering the floor from where they enter your home to the area they’re working on. No matter which room we’re working on, we leave the door on and close it to ensure that dust and debris are contained. When no door is available, we will hang a plastic curtain to contain all the dust. We also leave the room "broom clean" at the end of each day, allowing you to check on progress.
5Who will be at our home during the project?
We do not use subcontractors so you work solely with trusted team members of GDP. Should a subcontractor be used, you will be made aware and introduced to the contractor before their portion of the work could be performed. You will most likely be working with GDP crew members every day until your project is complete.
6Do I need to be home during the project?
We would prefer that you are home for the first couple of hours on the first day of work. Then you can meet the crew, go over logistical questions, and assign an entry point for the rest of the project. We provide all homeowners the use of our company lockbox, but others have given our team a temporary garage code instead. Please do what is easiest for you and leave us a phone number you can be reached at in case questions arise while you aren’t home.
7Where are design selections made?
Most of all selections are done through all metro Atlanta major suppliers.
8Do you offer financing?
No, we do not have available financing. However, we do accept all major credit cards at no additional charge to you.
9Do you work with investors?
Yes. Whether the investor plans a flip or a buy and hold, GDP can handle it.